Production Capacity:

In-house Weaving:

Capacity: 100,000 kg per month, towels and toweling fabric

Outsourced Weaving:

Capacity: 50,000 kg per month

Dyeing, Bleaching and Finishing Plant all in-house.
Towel printing outsourced.
Capacity: 175,000 kg per month

Stitching and Embroidery are also in-house, meeting our complete capacity requirement.

Stitching Capacity:

Bathrobes: 75,000 pieces per month
Napkins (flat weave): 150,000 pieces per month
Towels: 200,000 pieces per month.

Factory Overview

Production Capacity
Sizes and Weights
Dyes and Chemicals
Value Additions

Japanese Tajima multi head
Japanese Tajima multi head
six-colour embroidery machine




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